Learn everyday conversation in Burmese (Myanmar) with quizzes of 300 phrases (English version)

Learn Burmese (Myanmar) daily conversation phrases with quizzes! (English version)

The language of Myanmar (Burmese) is difficult. Especially the characters. No matter how much I study, I don’t feel like I can master it… I want to be able to at least have simple conversations. It would be even better if I could study in a fun way. So I made a quiz of 300 phrases to learn Burmese. Please give it a try.

Learn with quizzes! Daily conversation in Myanmar language

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・The sound materials are used by “OtoLogic (https://otologic.jp)”.

Included phrases

The quiz game on this page uses phrases that are published on the following page.


All audio (English and Burmese) used in this article is taken from Google Translate.

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