『Hero Thinking』 a method of thinking that works for negative minds(『sadness』『depression』『anxiety』)


『Hero Thinking』 a method of thinking that works for negative minds(『sadness』『depression』『anxiety』)

Everyone gets depressed from time to time. Don’t you keep worrying about things that you can’t help but worry about?

Thinking too much negatively can be hurtful and depressing. It’s not good for your mental health. However, it is often short-term. It generally doesn’t last long.

However, it can be prolonged (worse). This is not good for your mental health.

『hero thinking』

『hero thinking』

It’s a way of thinking that a hero with a strong heart and a clear mind can take your place when you’re feeling down.

If you already know such heroes, you are in luck. By the way, the person can be a real person or a fictional person. By the way, it’s okay to be a bit of a villain.

And thoroughly examine that hero. Way of thinking, lifestyle, background, conversation style, likes, dislikes, habits, sense, behavior style, etc. Please feel free to interpret any unclear points. In the case of manga and novels, it is also recommended to read carefully while researching the hero. It’s good to be specific when you write it in a notebook.

In other words, practice so that you can specifically imitate the main character’s way of thinking. The goal is to get to know the main character and imitate his “way of thinking”. Imitation of appearance or behavior is not recommended. It’s a little embarrassing (>_<)

Anyway, it is important to imitate “thinking (way of thinking)”. Be that hero. Have a hero take over the tough moments. It is preferable to always be in the state of a hero, but since the difficulty is high, let’s go little by little.

If you’re such a hero, you won’t be “depressed”, right?

If you're such a hero, you won't be "depressed", right?

There is no such hero! For those who say, let’s find it or make it.

It can be real or fictional. In short, the hero that you are ideal for.

Please write in your diary (blog). Daily is recommended, but every few days is fine. However, when writing a blog, please write with “hero thinking”. In other words, it is important to write with the intention of becoming the aforementioned protagonist. * Of course, personal information and company information are strictly prohibited.

It is important to record calmly and logically.

By writing in a diary, you will be able to logically interpret your negative emotions (anger, hatred, sadness, etc.) and stay calm. Being logical also improves your discussion skills and makes your hero even stronger.

And in the end, you will become stronger yourself

And in the end, you will become stronger yourself.